Flawless light, see light not see the lamp shell
Used the step light and wall light,Flood light
SS-UD-IP68-B4X-0301 Underground Light IP68 Waterproof
80W,100W Highbay used in Germany Mercedes Benz 4S Shop
1.2Meter 42W Linear light, Trioffer (3600Lm) IP65 used in a garage in Miami
60W Flood light and Canopy Lighting
Flood light at Shenzhen Sport Park
Outline the tower
A bridge is one of the symbol of the city development
Outline the office building
To be recognized, to be appreciated
Mission possible-2
Park lighting
Street light in Germany
Wall washier is used to light up for musuem,office buildings,tower
E40 Cornbulb as a retrofit ligthting design
Canopy Light for gas station
Canopy light application 2
Outline the building
Outline the bridge
The LED Street light is 120W . The project in Bahama.

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